Sharp county deals with flooding...again

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

Sharp County, Arkansas (KAIT) -Anytime 63 swings close to the Spring river you could see it sneaking out into the countryside.

On the West side of Ravenden old highway 63 crosses the Spring but there was a stiff current racing through a pasture and some kids were taking a stroll.

Chances are nothing was going to happen but one misstep into a hole and the coats and boots these kids were wearing could drag them down, quickly.

The water here was over a pasture. The bridge past the low water was  actually over the river itself.

Heading North I swung down into Williford. Water was already nearly 3 feet deep around the library.

Volunteers Leonard Wiles, Chris Baskin and Christy Bettis were bringing in a van to remove the books.

I asked chris about the depth of the cold spring river water.

"About a foot and a half in there, and out here what we looking at. Bout 2 feet deep." Well over boot height.

We moved books to top shelves. The rest were piled in arms and baskets and taken to a van.

Leonard said he got the call last night about the building.

"If I would take a key if they would give it to me try and get this done if the water got high enough. Well I waited a little too late I'm afraid this morning."

But we got all the books off the lower shelves and more help was on the way but so was the rain, it just kept coming down.

In Hardy, the river was nearly a mile wide, closing Loberg park and shorting out the railroad crossings.

I stood on the front porch of the sandbagged city hall with Mayor Nina Thornton admiring the new lake front property. The breeze blew chilly off the water.

Thornton, "This morning when we got up it was about 71 degrees and now it's dropped about 20 degrees it's really getting chilly and the wind is beginning to blow."

Earlier in the morning rescue crews from Hardy and Cherokee Village plucked a couple from their home who had stayed a little too long.

Chief Ernie Rose, "The crews went up there and got them out with no incident. No one got hurt and they didn't even get into the water. They came out of their house which is built on stilts and we got em in the boats and we got them out safely. "

And no matter how many times we tell you it never fails. Somebody always seems to want to try and cross a low water bridge. Even smack in the middle of Cherokee Village. The good news is they got out safely.

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