Randolph County watching river levels

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

According to Randolph County Judge David Jansen, every school district in the county was closed due to flooding on Friday. Many low water bridges were covered with water and that was a reason for closing schools.

Jansen said, "We have had some major flooding around our low lying areas. As far as low water bridges we haven't been able to get into them yet to see what kind of damages we have."

Although Jansen said the Black River is not expected to cause a lot of problems, it will likely make it into the city park. Instead, he's keeping a close watch on the Current River.

Jansen said, "We've got concerns with the Current River right now is going to be coming pretty hard on us.  That may be another 12 to 24 hours away before we see what it's going to do to us."

Al Throesch has lived right near the Current River on Sandy Trail for 32 years. He said the water continues to rise about three inches an hour, however he's not worried.

Throesch said, "It will not get in my house because when it gets up that high, the highway over here, 67, when it crosses it, it will be over 67 before it gets in my house."

The Current River is expected to crest near 18 feet in Doniphan on Sunday, which is five feet above flood stage. Throesch said he's seen the river much higher, but it rises slowly. "And if it crests up there in Doniphan, it takes 24 hours for it to come down to here."

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