Schools, bus drivers prepare for flooded roads

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

Steady, heavy rain that has battered Region 8 over the last couple of days is causing rivers to rise and some roads to flood.  Greene County Tech's Transportation and Facilities Director Keith Davis watched those road conditions closely Friday.  He was making sure his bus drivers would be able to get down soaked roads safely.

"We have gone out and checked roads that were called in Friday morning that were impassable," said Davis.

Just like in a winter weather situation, Davis says personnel checked on those roads throughout the day.  Davis says road conditions improved throughout the day, but says some roads were missed this morning due to flooding.  He says children late to school because of water are not counted tardy or absent.

"If a bus can't get to a house, we're not going to punish the child for exams or homework or anything of that nature because we can't get there to pick them up," said Davis.

Davis says it was an "all hands on deck" sort of day at GCT.  With teachers and administrators staying late in the event a bus couldn't get to a child's home.

"We'll try to respond to that as quickly as we can through the radio and making telephone calls and telling the parent where they can pick their child up whether it's here at the bus garage or at the individual school," said Davis.

Davis says he tells his drivers whether it's ice in the winter or rain right now, if roads are impassable--don't try.

"Don't put student's lives in jeopardy by trying to be the hero and getting them home," said Davis.

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