Meth explosion triggers search

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - Police arrested one man and are searching for another after an explosion on the 200 block of South Ninth street in Poplar Bluff resulted in an arrest as well as a search for another suspect.
According to police, Jeffrey Galbraith was making meth with Ronald Edwards at Galbraith's father's home when an accident caused the explosion.
They arrested Jeffrey Galbraith at the scene, but police are still looking for Edwards, who is wanted on charges of manufacturing and possession of a controlled substance.
The house was destroyed by the explosion and witnesses say they could see the smoke from more than a mile away.
Lester Galbraith was eating at a local diner when his house exploded, and he couldn't believe it was his son who caused the damage.
"My son says it was the other boy who did it," Lester Galbraith said.  "I said what did you let him in for?  You're not supposed to let druggies in.  I taught you better than that."
Poplar Bluff Police Chief Danny Whiteley says the shake and bake method of making meth is becoming more popular.
"We've had a pretty good number of those cases," he said.  "Normally they don't have accidents like that but that's the second or third one that we've had recently."
Whiteley says Edwards is not considered dangerous.

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