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Flooding leaves the hills and is making its way to low-lying areas

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JACKSONPORT, AR (KAIT) - The flooding may be over for some Region 8 residents, but for others, it's just the beginning.

Jacksonport State Park has closed its picnic and camping area due to the 3 to 5 feet of water that has pooled there.  According to Park Interpreter, Donna Bentley, more is headed to the area.

"It's not so much what rain we receive here that causes the flooding, but what's north of us," Bentley explains, "right now it's at 28 feet, but there's still more to come."

Bentley explains that low areas like Jacksonport have to watch out for not only the local rivers and rainfall, but what the northern areas receive as well.  She says in the last few days they knew all of the rain areas like Hardy and Williford were experiencing would soon be headed their way.  

The maintenance crew at the park is made up of two employees.  This crew knew the drill and began pulling out picnic tables, trash cans, or any signs that could be swept away by the river.  All electricity was turned off due to the electrical boxes being submerged. 

Curious folks made their way to the park Sunday to drive through accessible areas and take photos of the inaccessible ones.  While this landscape may put some visitors in awe, Bentley says Jacksonport residents are used to this occurrence.

Jacksonport has served as a safe-haven for residents during past floods.  Bentley explains that some residents do not have computers and if they are not able to receive information from the television, they call the park for more information.  The park utilizes the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (or NOAA) website to help predict the rising waters.  Locals who are unsure of if they should stay or not are able to contact the park, who in turn, keeps them updated on the conditions. 

 "Everybody knows if they live around here as to how much water they can actually tolerate before they would have to move out," she explains, "they all know when they need to think about packing up as the water level keeps rising."

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