Jackson county flooded roads

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JACKSON COUNTY, ARKANSAS (KAIT) -The flooded roads in Jackson county remind us of the floods of a couple of years ago.

Fortunately the water is starting to recede a little but it will take a while to go away since the ground is so saturated and the rivers and ditches are full.

There are of course lots of county roads that are still closed with high water.

But there are 3 sections of state highway that are closed as well.

Trying to get around in the county has forced drivers to take to the county roads that are not closed but still may have water on them.

One of the most commonly used routes to Batesville from Newport is State Highway 14.

Due to it's closeness to the White river it's not unusual for parts of it to flood.

Greg Nail and Greg McDougal travel to and from Batesville for work.

Nail said the roads were a little better today.

"Not as bad as it was this weekend. You could make it down through here and in this jeep and it comes up about halfway on my jeep before you get all the way into Oil Trough."

For the present, highway 14 at Newport is closed with barriers and law enforcement keeping traffic to County Road 10.

I watched several vehicles come up the gravel road without much trouble.

Nail and McDougal had driven from Batesville that morning.

Nail, "It's going down, I believe it's going down, It looks like it's been receding off the roads."

But that could take a while to completely drain away. There are still highways that have currents crossing them.

And people still drive into the water to get where they either need to be or just to see if they can.

Nail said last time when the waters were high it cost him.

"Coming out of the water and it kinda went putt putt putt . they had thrown a sign up saying don't go through here after we'd already gone by and was coming back. He gave me a ticket for it. But I'm chancing it today, ain't no big deal. I got to work , I got to work."

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