COPY-Commercial Zone Policy to be enforced at 8 Arkansas lakes.

LITTLE ROCK, AR. (KAIT) - The Little Rock District of the Army Corps of Engineers will start enforcing the Commercial Zone Policy at district marinas. Lakes that will be affected include Beaver, Table Rock, Bull Shoals, Norfork, Clearwater, Greers Ferry, Dardanelle, and Millwood.

Commercial zone are being marked with signs and buoys, and Corps park rangers will begin enforcement at marina docks that have signs posted. Officials estimate sign installation will be completed by March 1st.

The policy restricts recreational activities within fifty feet of marina docks in the interest of public safety, security of visitor property, and to reduce conflicts among various groups of recreational lake users. Prohibited activities are fishing, swimming, diving, jumping, or wading within fifty feet of marina docks. Violators can be issued citations and be required to pay fine.

Public access to recreation is still guaranteed at Little Rock District Lakes. The commercial zones constitute only about one percent of the total lake area.

It is not unusual for the Corps to restrict recreational activities in certain areas if a need exists. For instance, recreational activities are commonly restricted to help ensure safety and protection of lives and property. The commercial zones have the same intention.

Restrictions at marinas are nothing new. No fishing zones have been in place since 1986, and commercial zones have been in place since 2007. This policy formalizes the commercial zones and establishes the means for Corps park rangers to enforce it.

State law enforcement officers will not enforce the Commercial Zone Policy, but they will enforce laws related to trespass, theft, vandalism, or civil disputes at marinas.

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