No seasonal flu vaccine for many

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -Right now, Region Eight students can get the shots at school!

But what about those kids who are too young for school?

The vaccine shortage is making it hard for parents to protect their kids from the flu bug.

Unless your child is of school age it may be difficult if not nearly impossible right now for your child or for that matter almost anybody to get a flu shot.

All across Region 8 Department of Health officials are in schools giving out flu shots to students.

At the Children's Clinic in Jonesboro, Dr. David Matthews says you can give your child the flu shot at a pretty young age and probably should.

"We start giving flu shots at six months old. We've been doing that for the last three years because they are more susceptible to getting pneumonia's after flu as over 65 year olds."

Matthews told me that they have no seasonal flu vaccine.

"We can't get any more. The lines have been shut down for the seasonal flu vaccine when they started to make the second run for the H1N1."

Many pharmacies are giving flu shots this year. In fact Soo's Drugs wanted to give the flu shot this year but...

"We've not been able to get the vaccine. We've had several on order for quite some time but we've actually not been able to get them. That's the case for a lot of places in town."

Andrea Rubottom is a pharmacist at Soo's, she says they get a call at least once a day inquiring about flu shots.

Now even if they have vaccine, a pharmacy cannot give a flu shot to a minor.

"Our practice act with pharmacists, we're not able to vaccinate anybody under 18."

So where do you turn for an inoculation?

According to Dr. Matthews the priority is for school kids.

"That's where the vaccine is right now.So when you see those mass immunization clinics at ASU, and Marked Tree and Harrisburg, That's where you are going to have to go to get the flu vaccine this year."

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