Recent rains leading to potholes in Trumann

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Trumann, AR (KAIT) - Driving down the road you see them and even try to dodge them. I'm talking about potholes. The city of Trumann is dealing with them all over town. Mayor Sheila Walters said one area in particular is Sidney Avenue.

Walters said, "With the recent rains that we had last Thursday we developed wash-out on the sides of the road and some small and some large potholes within this street as well as several others in town."

According to Walters, the potholes can be blamed on the drainage ditches. Debris is still falling from the ice storm and now leaves are beginning to pile up. The amount of rain that falls also is a factor.

Walter said, "When it (the rain) comes so fast of course you've got rain coming down, but the problem is that all the main ditches are full. And it backs up into our small ditches for drainage. So therefore we have not only the water coming down, the backflow from the ditches that land on our roads and cause such tremendous damage."

Mayor Walter is aware of the potholes in town and said the crews are currently working to get the problem solved.

"We have begun doing some repairs to the roads. Some of these are new roads, roads that we are going to have to reassess to see what becomes our priority now."

The city plans to temporarily fill the potholes with gravel until they can get the drainage problems fixed. Until then Mayor Walters is open to hearing from the residents of Trumann.

"Anyone from Trumann is welcome to call the Mayors office and tell us of a pothole on your street or tell us of an area of your concern.  What we'll try to do is prioritize those things and get to them as quickly as we can."

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