First Powerball drawing draws buyers to retailers

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

With a Powerball jackpot on the line, Jonesboro resident Ashley Gray clings tight to a ticket she hopes is worth millions.  Nikia Johnson says she buys scratch off tickets everyday, but has yet to play Powerball.  That is something Kum & Go District Supervisor Scott Logemann says is not that uncommon.

"Scratch off tickets are probably selling ten to one compared to Powerball," said Logemann.

Logemann says as Powerball becomes more familiar to players and that jackpot grows--so too will the interest.  On Wednesday alone, he says he saw that interest increase.

"Wednesdays and Saturdays are the drawing days and those are the big days.   Depending on how large the drawing number gets or the dollar amount gets, that's how much busier it gets," said Logemann.

Logemann says it is getting busier.

"Depending on the location, it's anywhere between 10 and 30 percent more people coming in," said Logemann.

With more people coming in, Logemann says they've hired more people and some already working there say they're getting more hours too.  Logemann says it's still too early to determine a trend and what Kum & Go will draw from ticket sales--especially with factors like the weather and seasonal business.

"Trends are after three months.   That's our goal and that's what we try to set it at.   Right now, you just hope for the best," said Logemann.

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