Holiday Retail Wars

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Are you looking for a good deal?  You're not alone.  As they prepare their Christmas lists, hundreds of thousands of people are searching for sales.  Stores, both big and small, are doing everything they can to bring customers in!

Early sales, specials discounts and the drive to save are all things that are bringing customers in the doors.  As some are finding, the bigger the sale the better!

"Everyone has to be very, very smart with their money," said Best Buy General Manager Jim Lemmon.

"They are looking for a discount," said Lisa Davis of Enhancements.

Best Buy may be the new game in town, but they are ready to hit the ground running.

"All through the Christmas season we'll have specials going on weekly.  We'll also price match any local competitor," said Lemmon.

They're also trying to do small things to entice shoppers to shop again.

"If you buy something we put a coupon in there and it is good two weeks from now so that's to draw people back," said Lemmon.

At Jonesboro boutique Enhancements they've been running store specials to bring shoppers in.

"Have a party atmosphere with little extras here and there so every week there'll be a reason to come in," said," said Davis.

It is a niche that seems to work for them.

"Even the people who may have never looked for a discount before, they're looking for a little discount a little incentive to come in," said Davis.

"Hopefully customers are blown away by the customer experience.  We're a big kid toy store.  We sell fun stuff.  If they get blown away while they're in here, hopefully they'll come back for their holiday needs," said Lemmon.

Best Buy isn't the only company slashing prices.  On Wednesday Wal-Mart announced holiday price cuts.

"We try to find something that they don't see everywhere so something special," said Davis.

While many are keeping a closer watch on their cash stores are also looking at ways to keep their costs low so they can afford to sell to their clients.

"We are going to have to buy smarter so the customer can buy smarter," said Lemmon.

The city of Jonesboro is down in the amount of sales tax coming in.  Sales tax numbers are down by over $700,000 because there is less money being spent in the city.  The city, like stores, hope to see an influx of shoppers this holiday season.

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