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Wet weather has affected soybean seed

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Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - There's no doubt that the weather the last several days has brought smiles to farmer's faces in Region 8. Weeks of rain put harvest well behind schedule but now soybean farmers are looking ahead. The question remains, did all that rain put a damper on the quality of soybean seed for 2010?

Marty Eaton, General Manager at Cache River Valley Seed said it's looking better than they expected.

Eaton said, "It's affected it somewhat, not as much as we expected. Really two factors involved; one of them is planting date, when the seed was planted and also geographically."

On the other hand Eaton said some parts of the state have not fared as well. "South of I-40 has taken a bigger hit due to the weather. Just because it was ready to harvest two or three weeks before the stuff up here was."

Eaton said the main thing that farmers look at is the germination, which is the percentage of the seed that will sprout and grow. So far this year the numbers are in the mid to upper 90s which is good news. "Most of our seed if it's not in the 90s, we try to not sell it. It gets down below 80 legally we can't sell it."

Germination may be the first thing farmers look at, but they also check if the seed is shriveled up, diseased or moldy.

Eaton said that technology has made the process a lot easier making sure some seed doesn't go to waste. "We've invested a lot in newer cleaning equipment and we can get a lot of that bad seed out of the good seed."

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