Mom of Region 8 soldier based at Fort Hood speaks out

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The horror of yesterday's deadly rampage came to Region 8.  Friday one woman is thankful her son is still alive.  D'artanion Henry's mom said her son is based at Fort Hood, TX.  Delois Henry said she called her son Thursday to wish him a happy birthday and a short time later he called her back with frightening news.

"He told me they were on lockdown because a gunman had shot seven people," said Delois Henry.

At the time what Henry did not know was her son was not on base when the shooting happened.

"I'm thinking, 'Where are you?' and he told me they were still out in the field and they wouldn't be able to get on base," said Henry.

Private First Class D'antanion Henry told his mom they would have to stay in the field for the night because they weren't allowed back on base yet.  Over the past day she has talked to her son several times and said she's still in shock.

"I can't imagine what the other parents are going through and how this could happen," said Henry.

Though her son is safe for now, Mrs. Henry said she's keeping everyone else in her thoughts and prayers.  Henry said her son was on "field ready training" when the shooting happened.  It is training to get the soldiers ready for when they get their marching orders to fight the war overseas, not at home.

"You don't want them to get hurt and you're thinking if he's in the army he might get shot.  If he got shot, of course, it will be somewhere way off and not here at home.  Not on a base," said Henry.

As of October 1st, Mrs. Henry said PFC Henry was put on standby that his unit could be deployed at any time in the next year.

"I used to take for granted that we're here in America and now I can't hear anything about a soldier being deployed without tearing up," said Henry.

While she worries about her son every day she said now she will worry more.

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