iPods in the classroom

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PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) -When you think of stimulus money, you probably think of big projects like roads, airports or some kind of construction project. But stimulus money is also being used in classrooms.

In Paragould, it's putting technology into the hands of 4th graders.

I think I am a little jealous and I know I am pretty amazed.

You would never think of an I pod Touch as being used as a classroom tool.

 But it is and quite successfully at that. 

Eli Williams, "It's awesome, I've asked for one for Christmas , it's just crazy how much stuff you can do on these things."

Abby Rogers, "It's like having a teacher right there with you. But the teachers' not right there beside you."

But you can e-mail her if you want to..

Eli and Abby are two of Mrs. Young's 4th graders at Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Paragould.

 Young, "I try to let them do as much research, so as much hands on so that on an individual basis for each student. In science for instance I can download movies for them to watch. If they don't understand it they can rewind and watch it again. "

Abby Rogers was looking at news clips. "CNN news, and you click on it and it says get more episodes."  Eli Williams is in the Gifted and Talented program. "I have a self interest project that's going on and right now I'm researching it and it has helped." 

 Since Woodrow Wilson is technically the technological school here in Paragould. Administration wanted to bring something into the classroom to the level that each student can use and be familiar with.

Mrs. Young says that she learns a lot from her students. "They teach me how to do things, download things. Yes they catch on very quickly and they aren't afraid to try and just push buttons and that's what they need to do." 

This pilot program was paid for by stimulus money which also included Mac computers for the 4th grade classrooms.
The program goes along with what Governor Mike Beebe said in Little Rock last week.
....you've got to distinguish how much stimulus money was directed to programs that were never designed to create a job."

Mrs. Young was part of the study group that initiated the program. She thinks it's a great tool for her students.

"So it's an exciting way for us to spend our money, a good use I think."

It is hoped if more funding becomes available that iPods will move into lower grades, even as low as Kindergarten.

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