Greene County looking to collect unpaid fines

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"We were looking at our felony fines and what had been collected in 2009, and noticed a drastic decrease," said Deputy Prosecuting Attorney for Greene County, Kimberly Dale.

Around 7 million dollars in unpaid felony fines and restitution, and county leaders are sending a strong message to those who owe.

"If you come and pay it between now and January, then we will not have a warrant issued, but once January comes,  you need to expect that a deputy will come knocking on your door," said Dale.

"We're going to do a lot of knocks--we're going to be a little more persistent in serving these warrants," said Greene County Sheriff, Dan Langston.

Langston says he does expect more money to be generated once January first rolls around.  He says the days and weeks leading up to January first is not an amnesty period. You could call it a warning that a new year, means more resources available to finding those who owe.

"January 1st I start with more overtime money and I might put some of that overtime money to work by having deputies work a little overtime on warrants.   We're going to see what this does for us," said Langston.

The millions owed is a source of revenue for the county that Kimberly Dale says has to be collected. She adds, not paying up by January 1st could cost you even more.

"You will very likely be sitting in jail until you can post that cash bond or get before a circuit judge and ask for some leniency on your bond," said Dale.

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