Arkansas Razorback Football Tuesday practice report

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – The University of Arkansas football team continued practice Tuesday as the Razorbacks prepare for this Saturday's game against Troy.  Following the workout, UA offensive coordinator Paul Petrino spoke with the media:

On Troy:

"When you watch them on tape I think the biggest thing is their defensive line has good football players. Their defensive ends can probably play for any team in this league. They come off the edge and play real hard. Their defensive tackle is real active and is a good football player. Their nose guard is big and strong. Without a doubt, the strength of their defense is their front. They play hard as a group. They are well-coached and run to the football. They are a good team. The biggest thing for us is to improve and play harder than we did last week. We've done a good job of that the last couple of weeks."

On strides on offense:

"We've definitely improved. As you break down the game, we've gotten better on our short yardage. The last three weeks we've gotten better on every single short yardage conversion. We improved on our third downs last week. It was our second game since we've been here of having no drops in a football game. Any time you can go through a game and have one penalty, no turnovers and no drops you are going to win. That's something we did last week and that spells discipline to me. If you can be a disciplined football team you can give yourself a chance to win. That's something we need to continue to do."

On Broderick Green:

"I think that's what you want. Any time you can have a big running back that runs down hill with power and you see a person bounce off of him, that's awesome. The last three plays when we scored we just gave him the ball three times in a row and really his touchdown run there was a guy who was unblocked. That guy bounced off of him and he walked in the end zone standing up. That's a thing of beauty and you like to see that."

On D.J. Williams:

"It was well executed and he did a nice job and Ryan (Mallett) did a nice job of taking what the defense gave him. Some of those calls he was three of four in the progression and Ryan went through his progression and checked down to him. They really came into the game trying to take away our deep play action. Ryan did a great job of checking down to D.J. and that's what helped him get a lot of his plays."

Fans are reminded the Razorbacks will take on the Trojans at 6:30 p.m. CT on Saturday in Fayetteville, Ark. The game will be televised on CSS and for areas in the state of Arkansas that do not receive CSS, the game will be available on Cox Sports Television.


University of Arkansas Media Relations