Mike Huckabee brings book tour to Region 8

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

BLYTHEVILLE, AR (KAIT) - Health care reform and the war in Afghanistan were just a couple of the hot topics former governor Mike Huckabee addressed during his visit to Region 8 today.

Officially a book tour promoting his latest book, but to some, Huckabee's big bus and the 'Huck' uniforms gave the appearance of a campaign.  

There were lots of Mike Huckabee fans in downtown Blytheville on Wednesday. Outside That Bookstore in Blytheville, the crowd lined up down the sidewalk waiting to get in.

Many were buying not one, but several copies of Huckabee's new book, A Simple Christmas -- stories from his life that he says relate to all the readers.  Huckabee describes his new book this way: "Not a political book at all but I think it's a book when people read it they are going to see their own life, their own family, their own story."

With just a few moments for questions, I asked what he thought of the new health care plan.
"It's very troubling because it's going to add a huge cost to small business owners and individuals. There's a need to fix some things in the health care system but the last thing to fix is have the government take over the whole thing."
And the war effort in Afghanistan? Huckabee visited Afghanistan several years ago. 
"I don't understand what we can do here to bring stability. I am going to support the presidents decision cause that's his job as Commander in Chief."
Dorothy Crockett has close political ties to Mr. Huckabee, and I asked her if she thought he was stumping.

"Of course he is. I hope he's successful. I was a delegate for him in '08, and I'm planning on being a delegate for him in '12, only this time he's going to be the candidate."

Well, Mr. Huckabee, What say Ye?

"Honestly, I don't have to time to do much of anything besides my daily radio commentaries, the weekend Fox show, and continuing with the speaking schedule that I have. Plenty to say grace over right now. We'll how things are looking a year from now."

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