Black River in Pocahontas still out of banks

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Pocahontas, AR (KAIT) - People who live and work along the Black River in Pocahontas have noticed it remains out of its banks. Mayor Gary Crocker says the river normally overflows its banks once a year, but at a different time of year.

Crocker said, "Usually the river gets up more in the spring. It's not usual for it to get up in the fall like it has been."

The Black River is flowing out of its banks and into Overlook Park and Riverside Park in Pocahontas. Mayor Gary Crocker says that the water has receded quite a bit in the last couple of days.

"Probably recede 30 to 40 or so feet a day. That's what we've seen in the last three days. It's really gone back about 100 feet further back than where it was up in this park. In fact I'm a little surprised today its gone down as much as it has."

The river's flood stage is 17 feet and Wednesday evening it was standing just over 19.5 feet. Mayor Crocker says the high water has been an inconvenience for the citizens, putting a halt to family gatherings and those that walk through the park. The flooding has also caused some damage at Riverside Park according to Crocker.

"We do have some electrical damage that because of water has been up enough this year to where it's gotten into our electrical conduits, where we have an RV park."

If you are a regular walker or visitor to the parks, Mayor Crocker has some good news.

"If it will stay like this through the weekend, we'll get our parks back to where the citizens can start I think utilizing them again."

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