Hoxie PD busts 4 meth labs in 3 weeks

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

Four meth busts in three weeks, according to the Hoxie Police Department.

"It's coming back strong again," said Hoxie Police Chief, Glen Smith.

Smith says all of the busts have been on one pot or "shake and bake" labs.

"This one pot method--it's just so easy to do it.   It's just as dangerous as the other way of doing it too," said Smith.

Smith says while meth has never really gone away, he's seen a resurgence of the one pot method in particular over the last month.

"The people that we arrest tell us it's the easy way.   The product is not hard to get.   30 or 40 minutes later they can have a batch made up for them and their friends to sell if they need to," said Smith.

"I was like, oh no it's here in my back yard," said Captain Jody Dotson.

That was Dotson's reaction the first time he saw the one pot meth lab in Lawrence County last fall.  He says it's one problem that can lead to another.

"On average, one out of every five shake and bake containers are exploding.   We've had several house fires, stuff where it's blown up and caught themselves on fire," said Dotson.

Dotson says residents reporting strange activities or suspicious behavior is key.

"That's our biggest ally in this battle, would be the community," said Dotson.

A resource Chief Smith says they utilize.

"We're speeding up patrols and any clues we get we're jumping on top of it," said Smith.

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