Wet year affected Christmas trees

By Justin Logan - bio | email feedback

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - Rocky Clements owns Christmas Tree Plantation in Craighead County and he said this has been a tough growing season.

Clements said, "We started the year with an ice storm of historic proportion and we didn't lose any trees to the ice storm.  But we did have most of our crop for this year laid over in the field and had to be propped up with fence posts."

Then another round of weather hit and didn't want to let go.

Clements said, "The rains, both in the spring and for the first time ever through the summer. We had so much rain that we actually had trees drown out and die for the first time. So this has been a tough growing season."

Overall Clements lost about five percent of his trees in part to the unusually wet year we've seen in Region 8.

"As far as the folks coming out to choose and cut trees they are probably not going to notice a shortage."

Clements said when people come to pick out a tree they always have a good time.

"Probably the main reason that people come out is not just for the Christmas tree. It's the fun of coming out to the farm and letting the kids run through acres of trees and drink hot chocolate and have popcorn and do all the traditional Christmas things."

Christmas Tree Plantation officially opens up the day after Thanksgiving.

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