Poplar Bluff business experiences flooding

POPLAR BLUFF, MO (KFVS) - The city of Poplar Bluff is working to help flood problems for businesses in Black RRiver Industrial Park.
Last week, the Black River was more than two and a half feet above flood stage, resulting in water damage for several businesses.
The city is helping clean out ditches in front of Hoods Warehouse, which they say will stop the flow of water from the river.
Last week the same ditches flooded and two feet of water poured into Hoods Warehouse.
Employees say this is the second year in a row some water has made it into the place, prompting them to take action to prevent more of their inventory from being damaged.
"We're getting ready to build everything up about three feet higher. That's what we're getting the estimates on right now," said Hoods Warehouse employee Jack Board.
The city also plans to build a new three foot high levee, which should hold back the water up to 19 feet.
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