State won't fight payment to man shot by trooper

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - Arkansas State Police officials say they won't fight a $750,000 award to a man who was shot in the back by a trooper, but it'll be up to state lawmakers to pay the bill. The state Claims Commission ruled that trooper James Kelloms III wrongly shot Wesley Don Yandell of Pearcy, leaving him paralyzed.

The head of the state police says he doesn't think the trooper - who is now retired - did anything wrong. But Assistant Attorney General Joe Cordi says there are no grounds to appeal the decision by the claims commission. On Aug. 13, a three-person panel of the claims commission found negligence by state police in the 2005 shooting.

Authorities say Yandell fled after he was stopped for having an expired license plate. A legislative subcommittee recommended last month that the $750,000 be paid to Yandell.

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