Jackson County Road Crews Keeping Drivers Safe

February 26, 2003
Posted at: 7:42 p.m. CST

NEWPORT, Ark. -- Jackson County work crews were on call throughout the night Tuesday as they battled Mother Nature, and made their roads safe for drivers after a large snowfall blanketed Region 8.

While there weren't any serious accidents reported, Jackson County residents still had to traverse an end-of-the-month obstacle course through Highways 63 and 67.

Tuesday morning's routine for many people had to be an adustment from their regular pace to slower driving. John Moore of Newport says his routine wasn't hurt too badly today by the ice and snow that's now turning to slush.

"Just don't goose it because you're liable to hit someone," Moore said.

Overall, state and local police had a busy day of helping people out of minor accidents, but no major wrecks or injuries to report. Arkansas State Police Cpl. Joe Williams says the day has been cold and messy, but not filled with too many traffic problems.

"I think we've had two very minor accidents," Williams said. "We've had several cars off the road in the ditch."

Police are grateful to State Highway Department trucks that responded to falling ice and snow, knowing that they helped to make Jackson County a safer place to drive. Angelo Villani drove from Tuckermann into Newport. He said he didn't cut his travel plans too much, just plan to take it easy.

Road crews did what they could through the day to help prevent a thick sheet of ice tonight. As Jackson County drivers roll through their routine, doing their best to keep it safe during a bitterly cold, wet and slick winter.

State police say they're concerned some of the slush still on the roads may turn to ice overnight, making the roads dangerous. Depending on how low the temperature falls Wednesday night, Jackson county looks like they've got in under control. The highway department is ready to roll, and State Police are also prepared, but encourage drivers to stay off the slick roads, unless it is necessary.