Bay Police Department cracking down on impaired drivers

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

" I started looking at the numbers, and we're averaging 3 to 5 DUI's a month.   I've gotten two so far this week," said Bay Police Chief, David Kelly.

Kelly says that's too many for their town.  He says it's an increasing problem he attributes in part to location.

"We're in between two cities--a small town," said Kelly.

He is hoping this small town takes big steps to decrease the number of impaired drivers trying to get from one area to another.

"We're going to try to do it on a monthly basis because the more often we do it, the more deterrence there is," said Kelly.

Kelly says he's hoping frequent sobriety checkpoints send a strong message that impaired driving won't be tolerated in his town.

"It's not a revenue generating road block.   It's a deterrence.   If the public knows we're out there then they're less likely to drive intoxicated," said Kelly.

Bay's most recent checkpoint took place Friday night into Saturday morning. Chief Kelly says they stopped approximately 300 cars.  They transported three people to jail with one for DWI.  Several different agencies participated in the checkpoint and they also used a special purpose vehicle for events just like this.

"It's designed to do your field sobriety testing under a sterile, well lit environment," said Kelly.

Kelly says during cooler weather, he sees an increase in the number of alcohol-related offenses ranging from DUI to domestic incidents.

"I think because of the economy right now and the holidays approaching, we get more towards the end of the year," said Kelly.

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