Novembers' Teacher of the Month

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -Those first few years we go to school lay the foundation for all the education we will experience in our lives.

Novembers' Teacher of the Month teaches at Valley View Elementary School.
This second grade teacher is relatively a rookie compared to some of the teachers I have met, but she is at the top of her game and her kids love it.
Let me introduce to you, Shannon Browning.  

Shannon Browning or "Ms. Shannon" as her students call her is in her 9th year of teaching at Valley View Elementary. Her mom was a teacher and Shannon is passionate about her craft even if she struck it rich.

 "I always say if I won a million dollars I would continue teaching. I would hire a personal assistant to help me but I love what I do and I love being here with the kids." 

All around the classroom are computers, write on computer pads, amplifiers, microphones, all the latest tools.
Browning, "We use lots of technology in our classroom because I know that's something the kids use a lot."
Shannon utilizes Face Book and Twitter and the school web site to keep her parents up to speed on what's going on in her classroom.
Shannon really enjoys the younger grades, she told me she hopes she will always teach 2nd grade.

"2nd grade is a wonderful grade, the students are old enough that you really get to do a lot of teaching but they're still young enough to enjoy school."

"She's an awesome teacher, she makes everything fun!" say her students.

 Bbeing a teacher will probably never make you rich so there must more than just the financial reward.

Browning, "A lot of it for me is the satisfaction, the satisfaction of being able to introduce and help them learn something they didn't already know."

For teachers like Shannon Browning it's all about knowing your students, making it fun but making lessons want to be learned. Shannon says to her it's all about making connections.

"It's one of our responsibilities as teachers is to connect with the students. You have to know where they are in life so you can connect with them."


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