Arkansas Razorback Football Wednesday practice report

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. - The University of Arkansas Razorback football team returned to the practice field Wednesday afternoon for a workout inside Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium. Following practice, defensive coordinator Willy Robinson spoke with the media.

On how the defense played in his absence against Troy:

"I tip my hat to our other coaches. They did a great job. Our guys responded well and I think they were confident in the work we did last week and their understanding of the game plan."

On Mississippi State running back Anthony Dixon:

"Dixon is a really good looking back. He's big, he can catch, he can run. He makes yards after contact. He's obviously someone we have to control. They are going to put the ball in his hands quite a bit and they have a lot of misdirection with it. We have to be ready and tackle."

"I think if they get their running game going, they will have a lot of play action. They have some trick plays they do. It really sets up their play action pass."

On Wendel Davis:

"I think this game will exemplify two groups of really fine linebackers. I think Wendel is moving a lot faster this week for whatever reason. He got through the lull and he's in football shape. I think he's operating with high energy during practice."

On playing in Little Rock:

"It's important to win in Little Rock. It's a home field for us. Mississippi State is a good road football team. We have to do a great job of defending our home field. "

On defending the option:

"There's three phases to it, the dive, the quarterback and the pitch. You better make sure you are sound on all three. It always starts with a dive play. You have to defend the inside and the outside part of it. It has been stressed to our defense that's where it stops first."

On preparing for Mississippi State:

"We want our guys to be a physical football team. Discipline is obviously stressed. I don't think we look in the past as much as we look to where we are this week. That's our goal this week. We are a different football team this year than we were last year."

Univeristy of Arkansas Athletic Media Relations