Police bust burglary ring in Hoxie

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"I know we've had 8 cars that have been broken into, a residence, and then Mike's Tire," said Hoxie Police Chief, Glen Smith.

At least 10 break-ins have happened since Sunday, according to the Hoxie Police Department.  A break in the cases came on Wednesday, and the Hoxie police arrested three people who are believed to be behind the burglary ring.

"They're awaiting a bond hearing in the Lawrence County Jail," said Smith.

Captain Jody Dotson, with the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department, said the three are responsible for several break-ins in the county.

"Ours started last week and Saturday through the day.   Then, I guess they started getting a little braver, and a little closer to home," said Dotson.

Police say the thefts were motivated by one thing.

"Everything they were getting, they were either selling to buy drugs or trading for drugs," said Dotson.

Hoxie police say many of the stolen items were recovered at a Hoxie Duplex.  It's just feet away from where police say a generator was stolen Tuesday night.  Police say it was actually that generator that led them to the duplex.

"....Because of the generator being dragged across the road and where they loaded it at," said Smith.

For Glen Smith, he says he's glad the three are off the streets.

"There's people working hard everyday for their money, and these guys are sleeping all day and stealing at night," said Smith.

Smith says he expects to arrest one more person.  Both Dotson and Smith stress the importance of keeping up with serial numbers for items like handguns and electronic equipment.  They say it helps in recovering that equipment if it's ever stolen.  Police also remind people to lock their vehicle doors.

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