Supplementing your income with part-time jobs

By CJ Cassidy - bio | email

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - If you've made it through this year without needing any extra money, consider yourself lucky.
Many people struggled to keep up often turning to part time jobs to supplement their income.
It depends where you look, I checked out three local businesses to find out how tough finding a part time job would be.
I also wanted to see what it takes to make a job like that work, to keep some extra income coming in.
My first mission, to snag a spot as a server at Broussards.  But the owner says he wants to know what you can bring to the table first.
"Personality, flexibility and good memory," said Owner Hunter Clark as he explained some essential traits.
I figure, how bad could I be?  Servers must first pass a test (that I'm allowed to skip) and Erin Virgin says it helps you learn the menu so you can tease your customers' taste buds, and work up a good tip.
"On average about ten dollars an hour," Virgin said. "Some nights are better than others. The other night I got $150 tip on a $150 bill. That was a really good night!"
I take a crash course in learning the computer, and then it's time to take on, I mean attend to the customers, and Erin's words ring in my ears.
With trainer Lauren Wilson's help, I soon have my customers chowing down.
"The tables you do have, give them good service and hopefully they will come back," Wilson said.
"Would you hire me?" I asked Hunter Clark, and he said: "Yes, I think you did a good job with the customers, and you had a steady hand while you served. Absolutely!"
Still, this job kept me busy, and I only worked a couple of hours.  It's all enough to remind me to leave a good tip the next time I go out to eat.
For someone who's never stepped into a tanning salon, this looks like a daunting place to work. But I'm told working at Tanacious in Cape Girardeau would be effortless.
"You can do your homework in between customers, but when school is in session, you are always busy with cleaning, vacuuming, wiping the beds," said Chrissy Young at Tanacious.
Learning to assign customers a bed is easy enough.
Most people who come in are looking forward to relaxing while they tan, so the atmosphere is light.
As for the catch - you do have to get down and dirty cleaning the tanning beds. Chrissy Young walks me through the dos and don'ts, and as long as you pay attention, most of it is a breeze.
"It's flexible and there's free tanning!"
At the end of the day, there's just one question on my mind: How did I do?
"For your first time, very good," Young said. "You got the computer down, you were cleaning, you knew what to do. You just need to pick it up."
When it comes to pizza, I'm great at placing orders so working at an actual pizzeria shouldn't be that much tougher right?
"So many people look over the counter think it's so easy, but so many different things that go on all night," Pagliai's owner Ron Bohnert said.
Then work begins at warped speed.
"You need to keep things straight and orderly. The one time you start to lose it everything falls behind," Tyler Banken said.
Banken graduated college and says he's saving up enough dough until he gets a full time job.  And he points out the perks are too good to pass up.
"Free pizza. We get a free pizza every night!"
"Would you hire me to work here?" I asked Bohnert. "That's debatable. No, we would!"
Turns out, most places will work with you and your schedule as long as you don't mind working hard.
You may want to fill out applications at many different places though, because right now employers say part time jobs are getting snatched up as soon as they come open.

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