How to winterize your vehicle before its too late

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Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - Winter is still about one month away, but the cold temperatures and harsh winter driving conditions can be rough on your automobile. While the weather is nice this is a perfect time to winterize your vehicle before you hit the road for the holidays.

John Hundley is the Manager at Purcell Tire and Auto Service and he said right now is a better time than any. "Newer vehicles it's not as important as the older vehicles. They are made a little better, they've got better anti-freeze available now. If you've got straight water in your engine block and it does freeze you can run into some serious problems."

Besides checking your oil levels, Hundley said there are other things that you can do at home.

Hundley said, "Check your anti-freeze. Make sure the protection levels are good on it. Make sure that it's full enough. Check your belts, check your hoses."

You also want to get your windshield wipers checked, because when the rain and wintry weather begin to fall, you want a clear view of the road.

"Try your windshield wipers out. Make sure they work ok. Anything that you would normally be doing while driving especially with the wipers  Spray some water on the windshield, run them to see if you get streaks or anything like that," said Hundley.

When those temperatures drop be sure to use windshield washer fluid that doesn't freeze. Plus don't forget about your battery.

Hundley said, "Your battery might be a little weak, you wouldn't ever know it till one morning you wake up it's 20 degrees, your car won't start. Not a good way to start the day off."

Also remember to take a look at your tires.

"Look your tires over, look for uneven wear. Check the tire pressure if you have a gauge. Make sure they have plenty of tread on them," said Hundley.

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