Bomb threats lead to loss of education

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

CORNING, AR (KAIT) - Monday, Thursday and Friday bomb threats have been found written on the wall of a stall in the boy's bathroom of the high school.  All three days the education of the students has been disrupted and the police called in to investigate.

"Yesterday another note was found that said there is a bomb in the building," said J.M. Edington.

Corning Superintendent J.M. Edington said on those days classes have been canceled or postponed.

"We are trying to get it stopped and to find the person that's doing it.  A lot of manpower is being put into it.  The police and the fire departments are taking off from their jobs and go through the buildings," said Edington.

He says thankfully, so far, nothing has been found.

"Every time we come over here it's just that much more serious and we are going to prosecute.  That's a given," said Edington.

The threats are not only costing the city and county time and money they are also costing the students time in the classroom.

"Education is our business.  We want to give the kids a quality education.  In order to be able to do that we have to have them in school and we have to have them in a safe environment," said Edington.

Edington even hosted an assembly Friday morning to tell the kids how serious this is. an hour later another threat was discovered.

"Didn't know why or what was going on there was a  lot of rumors and everything everybody was just told it was an unsafe incident that had happened at the school," said Ronnie Kimble.

Ronnie and Linda Kimble have three kids in the Corning School District.  They are worried about what could happen.

"I'm afraid to send my kids to school," said Linda Kimble.

"It does disrupt them.  They can't pay attention if they're sitting in class wondering if there will be another bomb threat," said Ronnie Kimble.

The Kimble family says they will probably keep their three kids home on Monday and maybe even Tuesday until a suspect is found.

"The buildings are safe the buildings are secure.  That is a decision that each individual parent is going to have to make," said Edington.

The Arkansas State Police have been called in to help with this investigation.

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