Jonesboro mall outlook good for holiday season

by Stan Morris e-mail | Twitter

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Nationwide, problems are possible for many retailers during the holiday shopping season. But developer Bruce Burrow thinks his biggest project in Jonesboro, the Mall at Turtle Creek, will be just fine.

Burrow says himself that the holiday season is make or break time for retailers and that in years passed, to do bad during these months could spell serious bad news for sellers. However, he says due to the already gloomy atmosphere in the economic air, a bad season this year may not be as bad as it usually is, since so many expect it already.

Bad is not, however, what he thinks the mall will be. "We're tracking about 5 to 7 percent ahead of last year at the mall. Last year was ahead of the year before." said Burrow.

But with that in mind, Bruce Burrow says he thinks we're moving into clearer economic skies.

"I think probably 2010, second or third quarter, we'll see some things change."

That's when the successful entrepreneur thinks things will pick up and could possibly mean another big project gets off of the ground for him.

"I get stopped a lot and asked about Indian Mall. If it was up to me we'd have it finished. First of all, that's a retailers decision. We have to wait for them to sign the leases and those things. But we're seeing some movement there. I really think by mid next year, we'll be moving pretty well on that. We're doing some paperwork on some of the tenants now." said Burrow.

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