Click It or Ticket campaign pushes safety

by Stan Morris e-mail | Twitter

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - With Arkansas now having safety belt violations as a primary offense (you can be pulled over for not wearing one), Jonesboro Police expect their Click It or Ticket campaign to be more effective than ever.

Nationally, Jonesboro Police say more people than ever are wearing safety belts, but the numbers remain low for the state of Arkansas and Missouri, both of which are about 70% and 75% respectively.

For Arkansas, that is an improvement with increases from each of the past five years. For Missouri, their numbers have increased and declined in an alternating fashion each year.

But, the stats don't spell out the safety like a police patrolman who has worked accidents and had to inform families of the loss of a loved one. "They absolutely do save lives. We work countless amounts of accidents and minor stuff that a seat belt being work could have prevented an injury and, in some cases, possibly a fatality," said JPD Patrolman, Morshaydrick Racy.

Officer Racy also stresses that those responsible buckle their kids up, too. "Make the better decision and buckle your kids up. Not only is it against the law but its safer," said Racy.

Jonesboro Police and many other agencies will be enforcing a "zero tolerance" policy, meaning if you are pulled over without a seatbelt on, you will get a ticket.

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