Homicide suspect's vehicle found in New Madrid County

MARSTON, MO (KFVS) - According to New Madrid County Sheriff, Terry Stevens, a black 1988 Corvette belonged to a murder suspect was found in New Madrid County. The suspect is identified as 39-year-old, Lee Kershaw. However, he was not in the vehicle.

Monday morning a deputy with the New Madrid County Sheriff's Department says Kershaw has not been captured or seen since the weekend.

Authorities impounded his Corvette and are now looking for Kershaw in the Heartland. Kershaw allegedly shot his ex-wife's boyfriend early Saturday morning in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. They say 43-year-old Jon David was shot with a rifle. Kershaw also allegedly threatened his ex-wife Lisa and her son. Police in Indiana say they both had minor injuries.

According to Sheriff Stevens, surveillance video shows Kershaw tried to withdraw $400 from the ATM at Marston's Pilot service station. The transaction was declined.

"We don't know if he has family in the area. We checked the local hotels and didn't find anything. He could be headed to Texas," said Stevens.
Meanwhile the owner of Jerry's Quickstop says she remembers Kershaw stopping in the store.
"Customers said he asked them for gas money," she told Heartland News. "He looked rougher than he does in his picture."
Meanwhile, others who live in Marston are on the look out.
"It scary," said Sherry Howell. "I hope they catch him."
"Mom always told us to lock the doors. Everybody knows everybody around here so it's unusual," said Krissy Sweatt.
Saturday afternoon, authorities say Kershaw called his mother from an unknown cell phone to say that he loved her, that he shot his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend, but did not know if he killed him or not. 
Officials with Indiana State Police Crime Lab say the shooting victim, Jon David, was shot in the torso, hand and leg.
Detectives found 7.62 caliber rounds in the wall and bed of the home and recovered four shell casings.
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