Raising money to bring soldiers home for Christmas

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)-   As Region 8 residents begin celebrating the holidays with their loved ones, there's one group of women whom would like people to stop and think about those soldiers who are serving our country overseas.

A way to say "thank you" and give back, is to help bring them home.

A number of families with soldiers in the 875th are raising money to bring them home for Christmas before they are deployed to Afghanistan for a year.

"Pennies for Soldiers" is one fundraiser well underway and available in local schools.

Children can bring pennies to school, and the school that collectively raises the most money will be rewarded with a plaque.

Jamie Clark's husband is with the 875th unit, and she says that getting to see her husband one more time before he's gone is important to their entire family, "There is no guarantee that they'll be able to spend another Christmas with their family. There are several small children, wives that are expecting. They may not be able to see their wives anymore, they may not be able to see their children. It would be one last opportunity for the kids, for the wives, for the grandmothers, for everybody to give their love and show their love to their soldiers."

Another fundraiser available is to order a t-shirt with the quote, "I helped bring a soldier home".

To order call 870-240-4117.