Craighead County Quorum Court gives ok to 2010 budget

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

"I think it's a budget the citizens would respect and expect us to pass," said Craighead County Judge, Dale Haas.

Craighead County Quorum Court members did pass the county's roughly 30 million dollar 2010 budget Monday night.  Despite a decrease in sale tax revenues, Haas says other steady revenue streams help.  In addition, he says being conservative in spending will allow them to better weather an economic storm.  Haas says the county is not deficit spending simply because they don't spend what they don't have.  Haas says elected county officials usually turn money back into the county--helping its bottom line. Haas says this year's carryover is around one point nine million dollars.

"Each elected official has operated their office with less expenditures that they could have actually spent ," said Haas.

Haas says having a conservative budget and a healthy reserve fund means being able to be even more proactive especially when it would benefit the county.

"If something big comes along like the Nordexs' of the world, we want to be prepared to meet those needs," said Haas.

Next year's budget is roughly 30 million dollars, but Haas says that budget includes the Bono Lake Project and the county's new shop.

Haas says in 2010 there will be one new hire and a reduction of 4 employees due to restructuring at the sheriff's department.

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