Dunklin County cold case heads to trial

DUNKLIN COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - Investigators could be closer to bringing closure to a double murder case that's nearly 40 years old.

Jury selection begins Friday in Dunklin County for the trail of Theodore Kline. He's accused of killing Mary Suetter and Alan Brian Bradford in Dunklin County back in 1970.

Dunklin County Investigator Walter Dearing began searching for clues to this Murder Mystery in 2006. Modern day technology and the fact that the key suspect Theodore Kline is still alive, made it possible to piece together enough clues to potentially solve this case.

Investigators say in June of 1970, 20 year old Alan Bradford and 17 year old Mary Suetter met Dennis and Theodore Kline. The Klines were brothers with ties to Dunklin County.

The four of them took a trip from St. Louis to Campbell to visit the Kline's uncle. At some point, investigators say they stopped near river and that's where Suetter and Bradford were later found shot in the head.

Initially both brothers were charged, but eventually charges were dismissed against Dennis Kline. Back then the trial ended in a hung jury.

But in 2006, Investigators dug out that old evidence, including Kline's blood stained pants. Relatives were brought in for DNA testing leading up to the trial this Friday.

"The trial could end Friday," said prosecuting attorney, Steve Sokoloff. "It could continue into Saturday."

Sokoloff also says most of the witnesses, and victim's family members are still alive. That includes the defendants brother, Dennis Kline, who is expected to testify.

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