Power-chairs, golf carts and lawn mowers - all street legal?

By Stan Morris e-mail | Twitter

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - While driving an ATV on the highway is against the law in Arkansas (in most cases), and bicycling has certain restrictions, cruising down the highway on a power-chair is not specifically illegal, from what Paragould Captain Greg Trout found while searching through traffic statutes.

"Its an unsafe situation for everyone involved, but to say there's specific laws that prohibit that...I am not aware of any," said Captain Trout.

He says in Arkansas, ATVs can not be driven on highways except for certain circumstances. Bicycles may be, but must use a specific type of reflectors at night. Moped restrictions vary, based on engine size, but the less common modes of transportation like a lawnmower or a golf cart have not been specifically mentioned in the books.

But there are statutes police can enforce to keep these sorts of vehicles from clogging up traffic or posing a risk to the public.

Captain Trout says impeding the flow of traffic or other endangerment laws can be used under the right circumstances but police can't simply stop someone from driving a power-chair down the road because they don't think it is a good idea.

Captain Trout mainly urges safety and caution. He says if you must drive something other than a normal vehicle, try not to do it at night. Drive on the right side of the road and try to make yourself as noticeable as possible.

Individual cities can have laws prohibiting the use of power chairs, golf carts or lawn mowers on roadways, so learn local laws before taking to the roads in these vehicles.

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