Statement from U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General

Thank you for your inquiry and interest in our agency and this allegation.

Per your request, please review the following information:

Related to your inquiry of the discarded mail allegation in MO, at this time, I can't provide any additional comments on the progress of the inquiry into this allegation; other than to say it is an ongoing investigation into an allegation of discarded mail.

The United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General (USPS OIG) is activity pursuing all leads related to this reported incident at this time.  Any comments made about the status or conclusion of the investigation would be premature, as details of the incident are still being received and reviewed by the USPS OIG. Anyone who may have been a victim in this incident will be contacted by a representative from the USPS OIG.

This type of behavior within the USPS is not a common occurrence and it is an anomaly. The USPS employs more than 630,000 individuals.

The USPS OIG considers the theft or discarding of any mail by any postal employee to be a very serious issue. It is important for the public we serve to know the overwhelming majority of postal employees are honest, hardworking, and trustworthy individuals who would never consider engaging in any type of criminal behavior. When these types of allegations are made, the USPS OIG vigorously investigates those allegations.

The USPS OIG achieves its mission of helping maintain confidence in the postal system through independent audits and investigations.  The USPS OIG plays a key role in maintaining the integrity and accountability of American's Postal Service, its revenue and assets, and its employees.

There are approximately 600 Special Agents within the Investigations Division of the USPS OIG.   The OIG's investigative efforts, coupled with the OIG's objective and independent audits, promote the efficiency, effectiveness and integrity of the Nation's postal system.

The charge of our Special Agents is to investigate internal crimes and frauds against the Postal Service. These efforts contribute to safeguarding the Postal Service's revenue and assets and help deter postal crimes, ultimately helping to maintain a stable and sound Postal Service.

As an independent federal agency, the U.S. Postal Service provides delivery service that visits every address in the nation — 146 million homes and businesses. It has 37,000 retail locations and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to pay for operating expenses, not tax dollars. The Postal Service has annual revenues of $75 billion and delivers nearly half the world's mail.  The USPS employs more than 630,000 individuals.

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Our Hotline Number is: 1-888-USPS-OIG (888-877-7644)

I am the Public Information Officer (PIO) for the USPS OIG Western Area Field Office (WAFO), and I will be your point of contact related any investigations within the Western Area Field Office.



John D. Masters 

Assistant Special Agent in Charge

Vancouver, WA Resident Office

Western Area Field Office

Alaska, Montana, & Oregon Districts

Office of Inspector General

United States Postal Service
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