Local fisherman finds mail dumped

Stan Morris reporting - e-mail | Twitter

CAPE GIRARDEAU COUNTY, MO (KFVS) - If you live in southeast Missouri, you may be missing a bill, card, or even a check. A local fisherman found mail dumped, not delivered, in Cape Girardeau County.

On Thanksgiving day, the fisherman and his son were walking along the banks of the Diversion Channel near Allenville when they found a pile of dumped trash.

But when they looked closer, they realized it was stacks of undelivered mail, all neatly bundled together.

The fisherman tells me you can't reach this remote location by car, especially when it's muddy. So, whoever dumped the mail apparently didn't make the delivery by accident.

The man who found it says all the mail looked to be dated in early November. He saw addresses in Jackson, Sikeston, New Madrid and Dexter.

He took all this mail to the postmaster in Gordonville, who sent it on to the Office of the Inspector General in Kansas City, Kansas.

But, how would mail heading to four different communities all end up in one spot?

Mail sent to Southeast Missouri starts at the processing center in Cape Girardeau. There, its sorted and bundled, then carried by contract drivers to the individual towns for delivery.

Those drivers, known as highway contract route employees, do not officially work for the Postal Service. But whether an HCR driver or a postal carrier did the dumping, tampering with mail is a federal crime and this surprising find is now at the center of an O.I.G. investigation.

O.I.G. Spokesman John Masters tells me, if your mail got dumped, you will be contacted by mail about it. Masters says his office will let you know that you've had so many pieces of mail sent to the O.I.G. as part of an ongoing investigation.

It will be up to you to let your creditors know if you're missing a bill.

Masters calls mail dumping "very rare" and say his office is taking the investigation seriously. Masters says it could take weeks or months before the investigation is complete.

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