Region 8 business has openings; few applications

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -Tracking the economy--with unemployment numbers rising-- one Region Eight company is having a hard time filling all the openings it has.

Abilities Unlimited has more than 40-positions open!

Many of us think of Abilities Unlimited as just a thrift store on Union, the nearly 50-year-old company offers so much more.

Assistant Director Lorene Gibson says they have lots of openings, some with benefits.

"We do have 40 + job openings and we want to get the word out to the general public that we are hiring."

Although most of us are familiar with the AU resale shop on Union or the big AU facility on Church street in Jonesboro.

A lot of people think that when they see the Abilities Unlimited building all the jobs are right here. But there is more to it. These jobs for this company are spread out all over Region 8.

Gibson, "We have about 350 employees. Lot of people don't realize we have 5 stores as well. We also have a center over in Blytheville that offers the same kind of services that we have here in Jonesboro. We also have a center over in Paragould."

And sure there are some jobs available at those centers but the biggest and constant need are for those people who are willing to be "Implementors".

Candace Bielins supervises the Implementors, she says they work closely with disabled clients.

"Implementors actually go out into the community and work one on one with the clients on their daily living skills. "

Gibson, "And we work with about 275 clients, here again one on one, out in the community."

You don't have to have a college degree, a high school diploma is fine. Abilities will give you the specified training for your client. You must pass a drug screen and background check.

And there are a couple more requirements.

Bielins, "A strong willed individual that's got it in their heart to be with somebody and really make a difference in their life."

Some of the jobs are full time with benefits, some are part time.

Gibson, "They are very flexible type jobs. They are in the evenings, a lot of them. Some of them are on weekends, some of them are overnight positions."

And not all of the positions are in Jonesboro, again these clients are all over Northeast Arkansas.

And how many of us today can say our jobs do this?

Bielins, "Making a difference in their lives and the smiles on their faces and the difference that it really brings to them."

To take a look at the job postings you can go by Abilities on Church street in Jonesboro or you can look at the link I have posted with this story.

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