H1N1 influenza is on the decline

by Stan Morris e-mail | Twitter

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - What was once a major worldwide concern, seems to have settled down as the CDC is reporting a massive decline in cases of H1N1.

It's something that is both national and local.

UAMS Assistant Professor, Dr. Shane Speights, says, "A lot of the pediatric clinics [and] a lot of the local ERs have seen quite a decline in the rate of influenza patients that have been visiting. We're hopeful this is the end of it."

Dr. Speights says the decline comes from many factors: germ awareness, covering up while coughing/sneezing, the Tamiflu supply holding and many people getting the H1N1 vaccine.

He does say that the H1N1 bug could return this winter or next spring, and that its hard to say if it will.

His team and physicians from across the nation are also watching to see what the seasonal influenza will do. "We're kind of bracing to see if that's going to occur January, on into the first of February," says Dr. Speights.

Regardless of if they return or not, Dr. Speights urges viewers to stay vigilant, and if they haven't already, get the H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccine. He says both are invaluable in the fight against the flu.

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