Smart technology in Marmaduke

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MARMADUKE, AR (KAIT) -In days of yore the chalkboard and eraser and maybe an overhead projector were about as high tech as the average classroom went.

But like everything else, times have changed and tech-savvy kids use technology in the classroom to get smarter.

Personally, I think the Smart Board is the coolest thing I have ever seen and played with in a classroom.....ever.

For kindergartners in Jennifer Anthony's class the biggest challenge they find with the Smart board is being tall enough to reach the top row.

The Marmaduke schools have recently installed Smart boards or rather interactive white boards in all the classrooms from grades 1 - 6.

The days of write on white boards are nearly over.

Principal Audrea King, "It's a tool that teachers can use to bring different material into the classroom to enhance the students learning and achievement."

"We purchased them through our stimulus money. That was one of the ways that we found would be most effective is order to reach all of our students and reach all their needs was by purchasing the smart boards for the Kindergarten through 6th grade students."

Principal King said that the upper grades already have many Smart systems but without the stimulus money it would have taken a lot longer to equip all the elementary school classrooms.

The Smart system is composed of software, the board itself, the special pens and erasers, a projector and a document camera commonly known as an Elmo.

In Mrs. Hatchers 4th grade class using the Smart board along with a scanned in picture on the Elmo of a skeleton. They're getting ready for a test about bones.

Jackie Hatcher says with the internet they can bring the whole world into the classroom  and it makes it more interactive to study for the test on bones.

"And I'm expecting to get a lot of A's now because look, they already know how to spell them."

Just about anything off the web you can bring into the classroom including sites developed just for the Smart boards.

But what about the kids? Do they like the boards?

Every student I spoke with was very enthusiastic about the boards. They have only been installed for about a month so the learning curve is high for both teachers and pupils.

The smart board hasn't totally replaced the paper and pencil but it makes getting ready for the test a lot more interesting.

Hatcher, "We'll do the paper pencil part of this but isn't it so much more fun now. We're just gonna have to do it one time."

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