Power companies ready for winter

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

CORNING, AR (KAIT) - In February, almost everyone in Region 8 was without power after a major ice storm severely crippled our power companies.  Clay County Electric Manager David Smith said the storm crippled their system

"The day after it looked like a war zone.  It looked like a war zone," said David Smith.

Since then they, like other power companies in Region 8, have worked to get back.

"We didn't cause the ice storm.  We were here to repair and do what was necessary to get our system back in shape," said Smith.

They are still working on it.  This contract crew is doing some of the work throughout the coverage system.  On a number that could still grow, they've already had an estimated $40 million in damages.  They didn't want to lose the system they had, but now they almost have a brand new system.

"We've just looked at everything that will strengthen it better than it was before," said Smith.

Now they're taking what Smith calls a "learning experience" to fine tune their system.  He also said that you can't stop it from happening.

"I can't predict it.  All we can do is be ready," said Smith.

Smith said they've added larger anchors to places where the ground is very soft.  They are also adding break points in the line so that when one pole falls it doesn't automatically cause a domino effect.

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