Police search for two robbers suspected in up to 15 thefts

Provided by Caruthersville Police
Provided by Caruthersville Police
Provided by Caruthersville Police
Provided by Caruthersville Police

CARUTHERSVILLE, MO (KFVS) - Police say two thieves could be responsible for as many as 15 thefts across southeast Missouri.

Authorities say the men have robbed or attempted to rob from stores in New Madrid, Cape Girardeau, Charleston, Poplar Bluff, Dexter and Sikeston.

Police say the thieves have stolen about $30,000 worth of cash and merchandise.  However, police say they are having a tough time catching the criminals because the men may not be from the Heartland.

Back in July 2007, Pemiscot County Lieutenant Ryan Holder began investigating a theft at a local convenience store that resulted in $3500 in stolen cash.

It was just the first of 10 or more robberies police believe the two men are responsible for in southeast Missouri.

In all, authorities estimate the two men have stolen more than $30,000 worth of cash and property.

"They're taking a lot of the cash and credit cards and using the credit cards real quickly before the people notice that they're missing and buying phone cards," said New Madrid Police Captain Chris Henry.

The suspects are black males believed to be in their 30s.

The thieves' car was identified as a 2003 black Cadillac with Kentucky plates.

However, investigators still don't know where the robbers are from.

"I've sent out teletypes to Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and we have not been able to track these two down," Henry says.

"It's pretty difficult whenever you know who you're looking at, but you don't have an identity to who they are," said Holder.

Authorities say the men don't wear disguises and are not believed to be armed.

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