33 Tax Increases on Wish List

A list of proposals currently being drafted in the Legislature as options for increasing revenue, and the estimated revenue each would generate in fiscal 2004 and fiscal

  1. Utility special gross receipts tax on sales of electricity,
    natural gas, telephone service, cable and satellite television
    service, and sales of propane and butane. FY04-$170 million;
    FY05-$203.1 million
  2. Five-eighths percent sales and use tax increase. FY04-$218.4
    million; FY05-$248.4 million
  3. Ten percent income tax surcharge. FY04-$135.2 million;
    FY05-$187.1 million
  4. Cigarette tax increase of 50 cents per pack. FY04-$76.6
    million; FY05-$87.3 million
  5. Repeal of the Working Taxpayer Credit. $23.3 million per fiscal
  6. Six and one-half percent flat corporate income tax on
    corporations with taxable income exceeding $100,000. $2.1 million
    per fiscal year
  7. Wholesale level sales tax on gasoline. $19 million per fiscal
    year per each 1 percent levy
  8. Sales tax on newspaper, radio, television, and billboard
    advertising. $20 million per fiscal year
  9. Repeal sales tax exemption for sales of publications through
    regular subscription and impose the gross receipts tax on such
    sales. $900,000 per fiscal year
  10. Increase the severance tax to a rate approximately 5 percent of
    the wellhead price. This provision will be drafted based on a set
    dollar amount per 1,000 cubic feet severed to ensure that the new
    levy requires a simple majority vote in the House and Senate. $21.8
    million per year based on wellhead price as of Jan. 1.
  11. Increase the severance tax on crushed stone, sand, gravel and
    associated products. $1.7 million per fiscal year if tax is brought
    in line with adjoining states
  12. Increase the severance tax on timber. $8 million per fiscal
    year if tax brought in line with adjoining states
  13. Capture $10 million per year from the property tax refund fund,
    following collection of sufficient revenues to reimburse the
    counties for property taxes lost as a result of the $300 property
    tax credit, and transfer the $10 million each year to general
    revenue. $10 million per fiscal year
  14. Increase the tax on cigarette papers by 25 per pack. $410,000
    per year
  15. Increase the tobacco products tax. $675,000 per year for each 1
    percent increase in the current tax rate
  16. Increase a variety of motor vehicle and driver license fees and
    provide that the revenues generated from those fee increases shall
    be General Revenue. $3.5 million per fiscal year
  17. Adopt a wholesale vending machine tax in lieu of the current
    options available for payment of tax on vending machine sales. $6.3
    million per fiscal year at a rate of 8 percent
  18. Impose sales tax on a variety of professional services,
    including accounting services, attorney and paralegal services,
    engineering services, architectural services, environmental
    consulting services, management consulting services, computer
    consulting services and interior design and decorating services.
    $30.5 million per fiscal year
  19. Require collection of sales tax on all items sold by
    auctioneers, regardless of the method of sale. $4 million per
    fiscal year
  20. Impose sales tax on financial services, including bank service
    charges, brokerage fees, and investment counseling. $20 million per
    fiscal year
  21. Extend the sales tax to charges for solid waste collection,
    solid waste disposal, trash pickup and sewer charges. $3.5 million
    per fiscal year
  22. Impose sales tax on all sales of computer software, computer
    software consulting services, computer modifications, computer
    programing services, computer design services, and data processing
    services. $13 million per fiscal year
  23. Impose sales tax on dry cleaning, laundering, and industrial
    laundering services. $5.2 million per fiscal year
  24. Extend sales tax the initial installation labor. $7.5 million
    per fiscal year
  25. Extend sales tax to pest control service, lawn treatment
    service, and lawn fertilization service. $2 million per fiscal year
  26. Extend sales tax to real estate commissions, real estate
    management fees, title, abstract and settlement service fees, and
    real estate closing fees. $4 million per fiscal year
  27. Extend sales tax to security services, security guard services,
    and alarm monitoring services. $1 million per fiscal year
  28. Extend sales tax to wrecker and towing services. $750,000 per
    fiscal year
  29. Extend sales tax to boat storage and boat docking fees.
    $750,000 per fiscal year
  30. Extend sales tax to fees charged for mini-warehouse and
    self-storage unit rental. $500,000 per fiscal year
  31. Impose sales tax on campground access fees. $500,000 per fiscal
  32. Impose sales tax on horse boarding and training fees. $750,000
    per fiscal year
  33. Impose sales tax on tree trimming services. $750,000 per fiscal

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