Top 8 Christmas gifts for 2009

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Christmas is only two weeks away!  Up until the very last minute people will be crowding Region 8 stores searching for gifts, or in some cases gift ideas.

To help you out we've found eight of the hottest gifts out there!

"Anything that's technology based is what this world is revolving around now," said Kayla Jackson.

Small net books are very popular and as prices have dropped digital cameras are more affordable.

"It's like get me anything for this!  It's electronics.  It is an expensive gift but it is what they want," said Darlene Rodgers.

For kids the Zhu Zhu Hamster is hard to find!  However, there are other wish list items that fit easily into a Christmas stocking!

"Snuggies are what people are really into these days and game systems for their kids," said K-Mart Store Manager Ross Sedlacek.

"Electronics, video games, and accessories like the walkie talkies for the Xbox 360," said Jackson.

"Mario games for the little boys they love Mario.  Anything having to do with that," said Rodgers.

But in a tough economy are many willing to pay more for these gifts?

"They want to buy big for Christmas and it kind of depresses them because the economy is messed up they might have lost their job," said Jackson.

"I'd like to think it would.  That they would be more realistic in buying their gifts although you want your children to have it don't put yourself in a bind," said Rodgers.

Many stores throughout Region 8 are trying to do what they can to help their customers and themselves this holiday season.

"You're seeing very competitive pricing and this year they're really going after trying to lower prices for customers to bring them into the store," said Sedlacek.

The top eight items we found for shoppers this season are:

Digital Camera
GPS devices
Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster
Video game accessories
Cell phones
MP3 players

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