Retailers expecting big sales through holiday

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) – Retailers inside the Mall at Turtle Creek told Region 8 News Friday they expect continued strong sales through December. According to Tommy Hendrix, Human Resources Manager for Target, business has surged since Black Friday. While he couldn't go over specific sales figures, he said sales seem to improve every holiday season.

"We have a lot of people that are in here shopping with other retailers bags. They'll have a cart full of bags from other stores and end up with two carts when they leave because they got to buy a cart here," said Hendrix.

Target in Jonesboro has been at the Mall at Turtle Creek ever since it opened. Target was the first business to open its doors in 2005.

"We don't measure the number of guests we have come in, but I can just tell you it seems a lot busier this year. Every year it seems like it gets better," said Hendrix. "We sell a lot of toys. Everybody wants those Zhu Zhu pets and those hot items, and we do our best to get them in. We are the top in the company with toys and we're selling lots of toys."

Hendrix said Black Friday sales were solid. According to the Commerce Department, a strong Black Friday increased retail sales 1.3% in November.

"It was really good. We had a really good day in sales. We had a lot of fun. It was on the news that day too. It was just loads of people in here first thing in the morning waiting in their pajamas waiting in line. Some people camped out overnight," said Hendrix. "It was busy before, way before. People started shopping early it seemed like this year. The first of November, as soon as it got a little cold outside, our sales went up and it's been very steady since black Friday. We haven't seen a decrease yet."

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