SEMO lays out $100 mil in capital projects in state report

CAPE GIRARDEAU, MO (KFVS) - The crumbling classrooms in an aging Academic Hall are just one of the capital priority projects at Southeast Missouri State.

"This classroom is an example of where we have moisture issues.... And you can see where it's created problems on the walls of the room," said Finance Vice President Kathy Mangels.

These conditions and others across campus are now outlined in a new report, put together by the Missouri Department of Higher Education.

"I know sometimes when you've just gotten a written request and you've never actually been to the campuses, it's hard to know, 'Do they really need this much funding?'," Mangels said.

A Higher Education team came to campus last Summer to see the need for themselves. Their tour included the science labs at Magill Hall, considered outdated when Dr. Walt Lilly arrived on campus back in 1982.

"Aside from the labs we've remodeled in the last five years using student fee money, it's in exactly the same condition except deteriorated 30 years worth," Lilly said.

"So, now they understand," Mangels said. "They've seen it firsthand. They've got some information. So, we hope that it helps them know just how critical our needs are."

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