Liquor in Craighead County: Previous Polls

KAIT and have conducted polls on the issue of alcohol sales in Craighead County.

Here are the results of previous polls that we have run, with total votes.

The polls conducted on are unscientific in nature, and only reflect the views of those participating in the poll.

Question: Should the Jonesboro City Council, and the Craighead County Quorum Court support the passage of HB 1728, the local option bill that calls for a vote on liquor by the drink sales?

Yes 765
No 279
Undecided 19

Question: Do you support the bill proposal that would allow the city council or quorum court to place a liquor by the drink issue on the ballot?

Yes 2079
No 831
Undecided 48

Question: Do you think Craighead County should go wet, or remain dry?

Dry 520
Wet 967
Undecided 43

Question: Should restaurants in a city the size of Jonesboro be allowed to serve liquor, beer and wine with meals?

Yes 747
No 331

Question: If the issue were to ever come up again, would you vote for Craighead County to go "Wet," or stay "Dry"?

Yes 786
No 376
Undecided 14