Police: texting while driving law helping

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - "There's been a decline in the number of people that I've seen personally texting while driving," said Jonesboro Patrolman Morshaydrick Racy.

It's good news from Jonesboro Police who have repeatedly stated that texting while driving is dangerous and can even be deadly.

"When you're driving, you need to be focused on the roadway [and] other drivers that may or may not be distracted," said Patrolman Racy.

He says Arkansas's Paul's Law has helped so many end the practice of texting when driving. Racy says while it isn't always the main cause of the accident, it can often play a factor, distracting one--if not both--of the drivers and making them less attentive.

According to this study from the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, you're 23.2 times as likely to be in a crash or near crash when texting while driving. Even reaching for the phone can make you 6 times as likely to wreck.

They go as far as saying, "Texting should be banned in moving vehicles for all drivers."

The state of Missouri is looking at similar legislation to Arkansas's Paul's Law. Several lawmakers reportedly introduced legislation recently that would outlaw the act of sending a digital message when driving. Currently, it is against the law, but only if you are under 21.

While enforcement of the law can be difficult at times, Jonesboro Police say the law is a great deterrent and seems to have worked well by simply being there.

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